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Meet the Designer: Curtis Newbold

Howdy! I'm Curtis, the guy behind the infographics and the owner and developer of the The VCG Shop's primary website, I'm pretty much your average, all-around communication nerd.

How so? Well, I'm a communication professor for starters. But I also spend my free time (nerd alert!) creating infographics about things like punctuation and image copyright laws. More of an information designer than a graphic artist, I'm inspired by data visualization wizards like Edward Tufte and David McCandless

My approach is both simple and unique: use principles of visual communication to teach and to create interest in new ideas. The graphics you find in this store and on my primary website are meant to make learning faster, more memorable, and fun. 

I launched my crazy website in 2014 initially to help educators, students, and businesspeople learn and apply principles of visual communication. I never intended to sell the infographics. But after many high school and college professors; writing center directors; and school district and university administrators around the globe asked me where they could purchase my graphics, I finally gave in and opened shop. :) 

Thanks for visiting! If you like what you see, please subscribe to my website to see my latest infographic creations!